Top Ways to Improve Your Home for $100 or Less

Home Improvement Ideas from Syler Custom Homes

You may think that improving your home will deflate your wallet, but this is not always the case. To help you out, we have created a list of our favorite home improvement projects that can be done for under $100. After all, who DOESN’T want to save money?

  1. Turn a Closet into a Home Office.

This project will help you save money and will even add an extra room to your home. Just unhinge the door then remove the closet’s hanging rods and replace them with shelves. A deep shelf should be used for the desktop and place 2 shal­low shelves above for storage.

What you need: One 20-by-24-by-¾-inch and two 12-by-24-by-¾-inch white melamine shelves, metal standards, and shelf brackets, all by Elfa, about $95; The Container Store.

  1. Doorway Display

Create a unique look by installing a shelf above the doorway and paint it to match the trim. Add a touch of flair by display­ing pottery or other types of décor.

What you need: 40-inch-long 1×6 red oak shelf and two 7-inch Classic Oak Brackets, about $32; Rockler.

  1. Boost your Windows

Did you know you could make your windows look even bigger than they actually are? Use hanging drapes at ceiling height to upsize small windows.

What you need: Pair of 108-inch Brimfield 4-in-1 Panel Drapes in Carafe, about $70; JCPenney.

  1. Add Stained Glass Windows to your Bath

It’s no surprise that stained glass makes any bathroom look elegant. If you can’t find a window to fit perfectly, you can easily hang one from chains in front of the existing window.

What you need: eBay store Bell Antique Mall has Art Deco windows similar to shown, starting at $69; Ebay.

  1. Wall-Mount Bedside Table

You can easily install a wall-mount end table in your bed­room by using wood corbels with a slate roof shingle on top.

What you need: Two 6-inch oak Legacy hand-carved corbels, about $80; Van Dykes Restorers. 7-by-13-inch salvaged shingle, about $5; Recycling The Past – Architectural Salvage

  1. Add Detail to your Bedroom

Pump up the color and detail in your bedroom (or any other room) by installing a chair rail. Then, paint the wall below a soothing color. This project is an easy and inexpensive way to improve your home.

What you need: Enough red oak Colonial-style moldings to wrap the walls of an 8-by-10-foot room, about $75; Baird Brothers.