3 Designer Approved Ways To Accomplish A Modern Backyard

Now that the stormy weather has begun to pass, we can look forward to styling our backyards with sunny fabrics, warm textures and our favorite accessories. To accomplish a modern backyard look this spring, try adding a new fence or updating your existing fencing, freshening up your outdoor furniture or adding to your landscape. Keep reading for our go-to ways to create a contemporarily styled outdoor space just in time for the sun.


Modern settings, both indoor and out, offer efficiency as well as high-impact and low-maintenance design. While a backyard space won’t serve as many purposes as the interior, it should still be functional. Modern backyards enhance the homeowner’s life, acting as a separate livable space focusing on entertaining, dining and relaxing. A contemporary backyard retreat uses metal, wood and other durable materials to mix style with function, so try a sleek privacy fence in a dark wood to keep your backyard feeling cozy without detracting from the modern feel. Add to your design with hardworking fabrics like Sunbrella that offer color and texture paired with low-maintenance design.


Contemporary backyards pull from their surroundings to create a look that is streamlined, stylish and soothing. Most modern color palettes consist of white, black and gray, but an outdoor space requires more dimension via pops of bold color like green and blue, and added texture with wood, stone and metal. Mix and match colors and textures in similar shades for a dynamic effect, or use a single color in varying tones for an edgier look. Structures like pergolas, fencing and fire pits allow homeowners to use elements found in nature in a more streamlined way—like a cedar fence paired with crushed granite gravel and concrete.


Modern backyards make use of every square inch of space, including the areas meant for cooking, dining and entertaining. Outdoor kitchens have grown in popularity over the past few years, and they’ll continue to become more common as families choose to dine al fresco when the weather permits. For a contemporary outdoor dining scene, create a central location where you plan on cooking and dining.

Whether under a pergola, beneath a series of stylish umbrellas or on the patio, a covered outdoor kitchen will always be a focal point of your backyard. Define the space and add a modern touch with an intricate metal fence in a unique design. Next, add in kitchen elements like grills, refrigerators, drink stations, fire pits and other amenities to make your guests feel comfortable. Lastly, set the dining table with accessories like durable fabrics and linens, outdoor lighting, dishes and serving accessories.

Top off your modern backyard with playful accents, twinkling lights and outdoor speakers, and you’ll be celebrating the great outdoors in no time!