5 Safety Features Every Home Should Have

Nothing compares to the feeling of safety. An unknown author once brilliantly wrote, “Safety doesn’t happen by accident.” If we are purposely pursuing a safe home for our family, what are some of the things that should be in place? We have gathered 5 safety features that every home should have for your consideration.


Begin by throwing light in the shadowy places of the homestead’s acreage. Motion detection lights have many uses, with safety being one of them. These fixtures can be mounted at all points of easyaccess entry on the exterior of the home. Also, place a motion activated flood light to shine on the driveway to protect any vehicles parked there. Solar powered, hardwired, or battery powered lights are all options. A bonus with this feature: they help save money on the energy bill.


Your nose may be one of the best detectors on your body, but it’s no match for the silent and odorless enemy of carbon monoxide. Be sure to grab a carbon monoxide detector for each level of the house. Smoke detectors are a must have for identifying the first signs of fire, especially if it’s during hours of slumber. Check batteries monthly. Establish a biannual schedule to double check the operation of these devices to be sure they can do their duty if the need arises.


A fire can engulf a home in just 5 minutes. If a fire starts with you standing by and is small enough to control, then be ready with a fire extinguisher. Get one that has been tested by an independent laboratory. Remember the mnemonic device, PASS, for use. Pull the pin. Aim low. Squeeze the lever. Sweep the nozzle from side to side. Never depend entirely on an extinguisher. Lay out an escape plan for you and your family as a backup.


Many folks have ditched their land lines for the convenience of cell phones. Don’t rely on cell phones alone for safety reasons. This home feature will work well even during a power outage, never needs to be charged, and won’t fizzle if a cell tower is out of commission. A good old fashioned corded phone can truly be a landline in times of need.


Did you ever ooo and ahh over the spectacular technology featured on the Jetsons or Star Trek? These neat tech gadgets are now a reality. One fantastic feature for your home’s safety are smart locks connected by way of Bluetooth to your phone. The encrypted combo is hard to hack and not likely worth the time of a person with such talent. These locks track the comings and goings of all people from the house and can be unlocked by the touch of a button or the wave of a smart phone.

Keeping the home and, more importantly, the people inside safe is everyone’s top priority. A few preventative measures and prep work on the front end of things can truly be a lifesaver.