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Syler Custom Homes, which is a family owned and operated business, was built by qualified tradesmen and project managers that were willing to provide quality within a timely manner.


Syler’s goal was to provide a quality residential building company that would be affordable and yet still be able to reflect individual Homebuyer's unique personalities and needs.


By offering a wide range of beautifully flowing floor plan options, they are able to meet every lifestyle from first time homebuyers to empty nesters. At Syler Custom Homes we understand your need to provide a comfortable neighborhood for your family to grow and thrive in so we build in the finest communities in Kansas City and the surrounding areas.


Syler Construction is a commercial and residential general contractor located in Independence, Missouri. Syler Custom homes engages in custom built homes, spec houses and design-build construction. Our team has constructed residential work in Missouri (Cass Co., Clay Co., Jackson Co., Lafayette Co., Platte Co., Ray Co.) and Kansas (Johnson Co., Wyandotte Co.).


Please visit one of our Kansas City area neighborhoods before you make your new home selection. We will be delighted to meet you, discover what your needs are, and accommodate you to create your new custom home, in the Kansas City area, that you have been dreaming about.


At the beginning of any project, our goal is to build a relationship with the Owner. We want them to feel at ease and to know that we will work with them to complete the most cost-efficient project. We are known to have a very competitive estimating department.


We are a relationship-oriented company whose customers are our top priority. We are dedicated to making their construction experience a successful and pleasant one. We are known for providing outstanding quality, timely commitments and being budget oriented.  Syler Custom Homes, is a division of Syler Construction, Inc.  We are proud to bring our knowledge and skills that we use in our commercial side of our company and put it to use on the residential side.


Team Commitment

Our employees are our most valuable assets and we continue to invest in them. We want each employee to be proud to be a member of the Syler Custom Homes Team. Our core team has over 200 years and counting of construction knowledge and experience. We have listed a few of our employees resumes in the following pages.


Meet The Team

Garret Syler – President Garret co-founded Syler Construction Inc and has owned and operated it since 2009. With a background in Construction Management from the University of Central Missouri, he is a third-generation general contractor.


Garret is involved in the overall operations of the business, focusing mainly on the developments within the company, tracking new opportunities, and helping in the design / concepts of new projects.


Gerald Syler – Vice President


Co-founder of Syler Construction Inc since 2009, Gerald started as a skilled carpenter in 1972 and worked his way up the ranks. As of now, he owns and operates the company along with Garret.


Gerald is also involved in the overall operations of the company, focusing mainly on the overall budget and site work. He makes sure the every house is laid perfectly on the site and plays an active part throughout the process until the foundation and site work is completed.


Megan Seise – Interior Designer / Showroom Manager


Megan has been with Syler Custom Homes since 2015. Megan manages customer selections and budgeting. She is our new Interior Designer and Showroom Manager. She has many years of custom cabinetry experience as well as a BA in Interior Design from Park University.


Chris Barklage – General Field Superintendent


Chris has been with Syler Construction since the very beginning. He focuses mainly on the supervision and coordination of all field-related aspects of projects and some project management functions. These include generation and management of a working schedule, implementing safety programs, technical supervision, lay out, and surveys.


Chad Burkhart – Project Manager


Chad has been with Syler Custom Homes since 2012. Chad is focusing mainly on supervision and coordination of all field related aspects of projects and project management functions, including generation and management of a working schedule, technical supervision, lay out, surveying and warranty items.


Tim GeesemanSuperintendent


Tim has been with Syler Construction since 2012. Tim is focusing mainly on supervision and coordination of all field related aspects of projects and some project management functions. Tim is also a skilled tradesman in framing and millwork.


Stephanie WetzelOffice Manager


Stephanie has been with Syler Construction since 2008. Stephanie handles contracts, change orders and accounting.

Custom Build Process

The first step in our Syler Construction Design-Build Program is the introductory process. We plan our meeting with you and arrive on schedule. We sit down and review your needs, desires and goals.

Syler Construction builds homes throughout and around a 60 mile radius from Downtown Kansas City in order for your new home to be located in your desired surroundings. Once a lot is selected, it will be drawn up with your house plan to make sure the lot will accommodate the size of the home. Which way to position your home on your lot will need to be decided upon. Keep in mind that drainage of the lot can play a part in figuring which side is best for the garage & we will go over all of these details with you before construction starts.

Step Two: The Design Phase

Following the Needs Analysis, we build your ideas into an architectural design, complete with pricing. For projects requiring less detail, we provide a work description, complete with pricing. After you have selected your desired floor plan, you will need to decide on any options you would like to include making the home better fit your lifestyle.

References & Field Trips

We are proud of our work and will gladly provide a list of references. Whenever possible we provide field trips to previously completed Syler Construction projects for first hand product evaluation.

Step Three: The Review Phase

After our design is complete, we schedule another appointment with you to sit down and review the concept that we have drafted, based on the Needs Analysis conducted earlier.

Our Recommendations

If we have additional recommendations, as a result of existing conditions, the design intent, or selected products, we present them to you formally, supported with sample product or idea information for your evaluation.

Customer Input and Integration

After completing, reviewing the design with you, and inputting our recommendations, we carefully integrate any additional input that you may wish to provide us before permit drawings (if required) and final estimate/proposal preparation.

Finished Details – Green Sheet Items

A complete list of finish items, detailed quantities and budgets will be presented along with a presentation of flooring, fixtures and other finished details that fit your life style. During this stage the “Green Sheet” allows you to develop a comfort level with your budget. Any specific options that need priced out can be quoted from our office before contract signing.

Step Four: Commitment & Red Pencil Phase

A contract will then be written up that includes all options to be in your new home. Once the contract has been signed, a copy of your blueprint and lender information will be compiled by our office and delivered to your lender for an appraisal. The appraisal is to inform your lender that the home we are building for you is worth more than the sales price. In our many years of experience in dealing with lenders, it can be a much smoother process for all if a local lender is selected, helping to prevent any unnecessary delays to the buyer. Average appraisal completion usually takes two weeks. When the appraisal has been received by our office & loan commitments are in place, your builder representative will call to schedule with you a Redline Meeting. During this meeting you will sit down with the owners and project manager and they will go over all of the details regarding your new home. A checklist of questions regarding items to be discussed will be provided to you prior to this meeting to better prepare you for all options that will need to be decided on. Syler Construction will go over every option you have in your contract & note it on your specific blueprint with a red pen.

Remaining Earnest money will be due and collected at the Redline meeting. This amount will be written into your initial contract. If there are any changes after this meeting, they will be put on a change order form. Please save all questions about adding lighting, electrical, phone & TV jacks for your Electrical Walk Thru with your job superintendent & Electrician. This will make your decisions much easier as you will be able to walk thru the rooms of your home to discuss your options & decide exact placements.

Step Five: The Pre-Construction Phase

You will be given an approximate closing date of 170 days from the Redline meeting. Do not lock an interest rate based on this date as we will give you a closing date once the trim carpenter is finished. Average completion time after trim stage is 30 days.

As the construction work begins and the design begins to take shape, the project is monitored daily and the construction schedule is updated weekly. Additional changes are inputted when applicable through written work change orders.

Your Family… Your Style… Your Home

Our team will interview your family to develop an overall theme to make your home fit your lifestyle.

Step Six: The Construction Phase

The Architect and Owners will be emailed daily with pictures of their job's daily progress. We have found out by keeping everyone in the loop it allows everyone to work as a team with upcoming events to make sure everyone is up to date with their own scheduling needs.

Wait to make appointments with our suppliers until after Redline. This will allow the Builder to update suppliers of your specifications. If you show up unannounced instead of making an appointment, they will be busy assisting other buyers and not be able to assist you in a timely manner.

Within 30 days from Redline you will have a basement! This can seem like the longest month of your life, but be assured that our office is busy ordering the construction loan, pulling building permits and ordering materials for your new home.

Dirt will then be placed around the basement. Lumber will start to be delivered to the site. As your home is being framed it will feel like things are moving quickly. We encourage you to visit your new home as often as you like. If you are adding a security system they will need to be contacted at this time. Please also inform your Supervisor at the Electrical Walk Thru that this work will be preformed. At this point, you will have about two weeks before your job superintendent will call you for your Electrical Walk Thru. This meeting should take about 45 minutes. Please finalize all selections before this Walk Thru and have them ready to give your job supervisor.

The next stage of construction is sheetrock, followed by trim & paint. After trim is done, check in with your lender to make sure that the loan is safely in place. You must get verification from our office before you allow your lender to ‘lock’ an interest rate. Our office will give you updates regarding any charges that are accumulated. Once overages reach over $1,000, you will need to decide if the amount will be added into your loan or pay the builder directly. If you plan to add the overages to your loan, an addendum will be written up to increase the sales price and given to your lender for approval. Do not make any personal financial changes during your building process that might change the conditions of your loan approval.

Step Seven: The Walk-Thru Phase

At substantial completion, we walk the project with you and prepare a punch list for any outstanding items, product defects, and/or additional work.

Your job superintendent will notify you when it is time to schedule the Final Walk Thru. During this appointment they will explain functions of your new home and any maintenance information. At this time you will need to identify if there is anything you feel needs improved or corrected. All of these items will be documented and handled accordingly. Now is also the time to put all utilities in your name. Have them switched one day before closing as we have them turned off the day of closing.

Step Eight: Final Modifications

Following the walk-thru phase, we complete the punch list and all final inspections.

Closing on Your New Home

What a gratifying feeling to be handed the keys to unlock your dream home. Now the real work begins as you build and grow in your new home.

The relationship we will build with you during the building process does not stop the day you close. It is very important to us that you are satisfied with your new home. Once you have owned your home for three months, if you have any issues arise that you feel need attention this is the time to let us know. Compile a list of all of your concerns and either fax, email or mail them to our office for review. Please be sure to include your name, address and the best contact phone number for you. Once we have this information a copy is made for your job supervisor and Garret Syler. Your supervisor will then call you to discuss these items with you and set up a time to address. Before your one year anniversary of your closing date has passed, a final list can be sent to our office in the same manner. Anytime there is an issue of urgent concern, please contact us right away.

Step Nine: The Follow-Up

Following completion, we provide you with the project manual, complete with company and manufactures' warranties, finish schedule, submittals and a contact sheet of all subs and suppliers. Additionally, we want your input of our performance in writing, so we can continue to improve and meet the demands of our clients. At Syler Construction, we are always available to provide ongoing support and services. We strive to meet the needs of our customers.

Step Ten: The Syler Construction Guarantee

Syler Construction Guarantee Program is a guarantee, assuring that the money you have invested has added value to your new home.

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