Barrel Vault Ceilings

Barrel Vault Ceilings

Whether crafted of brick, wood, mosaic tile, tongue-and-groove cedar, or other materials barrel vault ceilings add a dramatic element to any room in your home from the kitchen, living room, or bath to the hallway.  If you’re after a distinctive look for your home that can be made even more dramatic with the addition of recessed, accent, or other lighting, you’ll definitely want to consider this type of ceiling!

What are barrel vault ceilings?

Many people have never heard the term, although you’ve probably seen this type of ceiling somewhere along the way.  Also referred to by some as a wagon or tunnel vault, a barrel vault is an architectural element that involves curves which lend to a design that’s semi-cylindrical in appearance, or a half circle.  To put it in simpler terms, it’s a curved ceiling where the lowest point of the curve is at the walls, while the highest point is at the center.  For even more flair, many choose barrel vault ceilings comprised of multiple curves.  Essentially, this type of ceiling gives an appearance similar to that of an archway – very beautiful, and far more intricate than a flat, boring ceiling.

Barrel vault ceilings have been around since ancient times, and are often seen today in cathedrals, churches, museums, and other structures.  However, when used in your home this spectacular ceiling definitely adds “curve appeal!”  Another great advantage of this type of ceiling is that you can achieve the desired effect by choosing an elliptical, half circle, or soft style depending on your application and the severity of the curve – how shallow or deep the half-circle will be.

Used in entryways, dining and media rooms, literally any room of your choice, barrel vault ceilings add amazing aesthetic appeal and can completely transform the mood and setting.  To learn more about this beautiful and often dramatic ceiling, contact Pacific Mutual Door.