Best Ways to Spend Your Tax Return

tax return

It’s always a pleasant surprise to get a big chunk of money back on your tax return. How should you spend that money, though? Instead of hitting the mall, where you’ll most likely make an impulse purchase, put that money in a place worth spending. Have you considered these ideas?

1. Update Your Home’s Fixtures.
Updating fixtures in your home is another simple, low-cost way to remodel in a small but big way. Replace door handles, hinges, faucets, and light switch plates for an updated look throughout your home. Keeping up with new home design trends will resonate with new homebuyers because you’ll have all the latest styles.

2. Trim and Mouldings
Installing crown moulding, baseboards or wainscoting is a sure-fire way to create a more refined look. Your new trim and moulding will add beautiful detail and elegance to your home as well as appeal to all types of homebuyers’ senses.

3. Make Kitchen Repairs
Buyers want to be wowed by the kitchen, but that doesn’t mean you have to fork over tens of thousands of dollars to make that happen. Focus on making repairs that cost well under $500, like tightening a leaky faucet or eliminating burn marks on countertops. For a cheap alternative to repainting your cabinets, consider updating your hardware in a modern finish.

4. Spruce Up the Exterior
Your home’s exterior is the first impression for many buyers online and in person. Aside from keeping up with maintenance like mowing the lawn and trimming shrubs, assess the outside of your home for any repair work – a fading front door, cracked siding or a loose step – that needs to be completed before selling.

5. Upgrade the Bathroom
Bathrooms can become a point of contention for buyers if they’re not in tip-top shape. Rather than taking on an expensive renovation, make minor upgrades that have an impact. Caulk the tub, re-grout tile, and install new fixtures.

Whether or not you’re getting your house ready to sell, these remodeling tweaks are easy, cost-effective, and will result in a great new look. They may be small, but these renovations make a huge impact, making your home feel like new!