Building Or Remodeling In Winter

Remodeling or building your Kansas City home in the winter

Is Winter a Good Time for Kansas City Residents to Consider Remodeling or Building a New Home?

Many people in Kansas City believe the winter months are not the best time to begin building a custom home or start on a remodeling project. While it’s true there can be a few drawbacks, the fact is it may be beneficial to build during the winter season. The primary reason you may want to choose winter months to remodel your home or build a new home is cost, naturally. Most builders are slower during this time of year, so you may enjoy discount rates or lower costs.

What other advantages are there to building during the cold season?

Lower demand. Like electricians and other industries, it’s all about supply and demand. Many families choose to build a custom home in Kansas City during the spring and summer months when it’s warmer, however this is also the time of year when the construction industry is extremely busy. This results in higher costs not only in labor, but materials as well. Typically, concrete, lumber, and even paint cost more during the prime building season. During winter months, you may enjoy not only reduced labor costs, but lower costs on nearly all materials necessary to build your dream home.

In summer months, the demand is high for construction labor, which involves all the materials that go into building a home. In summer months, just the opposite is true – which means you can build the home you’ve envisioned for substantially less money.

Of course there are drawbacks to building & remodeling in winter months, such as:

When the ground is frozen, it’s impossible to pour a foundation. The foundation is the basis of your home, an essential component on which everything else stands. A day or two of temperatures below zero isn’t that big a deal, however a week or two of extremely low temperatures cause the soil to freeze at foundation depth. Your contractor will have to keep a close eye on the forecast to determine a schedule for pouring the foundation and beginning construction. It all boils down to the fact that building or remodeling in Kansas City in the winter months may take a bit longer than you had anticipated, however you will save money.

Less daylight in winter months means a shorter schedule. during winter months it’s often dark by 5 p.m., and you never know when it may rain, snow, sleet, or even kick up an ice storm. Workers can bundle up and carry on, but there is less daylight – and while it may be surprising, rain is more of an enemy when it comes to construction than snow.

Thinking of remodeling your KC home?

While the same is true in regards to lower costs, supply and demand, and materials that are cheaper during winter months, consider whether you can stand the noise and mess during cold weather, when many people would rather stay inside than get out and about. It’s easier to get through a remodeling project during warmer months when you can go outside, however many families can put up with the noise involved in knocking out exterior walls and trying to keep other areas in the house warm and toasty in exchange for reduced cost.

Approaching winter weather doesn’t mean you can’t carry on until spring arrives

Whether you’re thinking or remodeling your kitchen, expanding the family room, adding a bedroom, or building a completely new home from the ground up, it’s not too late! Now is the ideal time to get started on your project if you want to enjoy the lowest possible prices on both materials and labor.

Perhaps you’re still not sure what your “dream” home is, but you’re ready to find a trusted Kansas City custom home builder who can help you with making decisions and drawing up plans for spring or even next winter. At Syler Custom Homes, we are dedicated to making your home what you’ve always dreamed of, regardless of the season. Give us a call today!