How To Choose The Best Bathroom Color

Choosing The Perfect Bathroom Color

Choosing a new bathroom color doesn’t have to be an intimidating task. In fact, simple changes in wall or accent colors can make a drastic difference with minimum impact on your wallet. Here are some quick tips and ideas on how to select the color that’s perfect for your palette!

Start by brainstorming. Do you want light or dark colors? Is there a specific theme you’re going for such as a summer retreat, a relaxing adult spa theme, or a family friendly bathroom? Once that’s decided, figure out which color you think would look best. Keep in mind that small spaces tend to look better when painted a neutral or a light color.

Review all your options. Does your bathroom have good lighting? A sky light or window can make a huge difference. If you aren’t able to decide on one color, it’s pretty safe to choose a neutral color, base color, and accent color of your choice. Don’t be afraid to paint a small space on the wall to test colors once you’ve narrowed down your final options. Most hardware stores offer low cost or even free paint samples, which saves you money until you’re ready to buy the final color.

Consider wallpaper. Remember that paint is not permanent, and a wall color can be changed at any point, but if you are looking for an easier option than paint, then wallpaper is for you. Wallpaper has made a quick comeback in the design world, and there are so many patterns and colors to choose from.

Test it first. To test out a wall color in your bathroom, try buying a single strip of self-sticking or peel and paste wallpaper. You can also find inspiration from a house in a design magazine, or try to recreate a bathroom you’ve seen on television or even in person! Creating a unique rendition of another bathroom allows you to personalize more of the details, and even save money on paint and other decorations.

Paint to fit your mood. If a serene and calming bathroom is what you want, try shades and hues that you find relaxing. A relaxing bathroom wall color is the perfect way to unwind at the end of the day. If you’re feeling daring, let your wild side out in the bathroom by using a color that complements the rest of your home, but adds a unique flair like no other. Then use fun prints and accent colors to tie it all together! This can be done with hand towels, floor mats, small wall decorations, and even a small shrub or potted plant.

Do what you feel comfortable with. If you’re apprehensive about painting your bathroom walls, swap out the hardware on the vanity and drawers for new and unique knobs. A new toothbrush holder, decorative shower curtains, or a piece of wall art could also be the color change your bathroom needs!