Craftsman Style

Basic Craftsman-Style Home Features

  • You will see characteristics of Craftsman-style homes in modern homes because it was so popular and people do like Craftsman-style properties. Some of the characteristics that define a Craftsman-style home are things like the built-in cabinets and the bookshelves. They usually will have hardwood floors. They use natural materials and colors like wood, stone and stucco. They have low pitched roofs, lots of windows. One unique feature is that there is usually a window in the closet. That is how they lit the closet due to the fact that there was no electricity.


Keep Dark Wood in Craftsman Homes

  • Another characteristic is that the kitchen is typically tucked away in the back of the house. So if you like the kitchen closer to the entertainment part of the home, you might not necessarily like that, so be sure you think about that and make sure that it is going to meet the needs of your family. A lot of the time, they use stained or leaded glass windows. There is usually dark wood in the main living area. If you don’t paint the dark wood in the main living area, this can actually keep or maintain the value of your property. So just make sure that you keep that dark wood. Even though some of you might not like dark wood, it is a valuable asset to Craftsman-style homes.


Craftsman Home Porches

  • The porches were also very important in Craftsman homes, They have really thick columns that position underneath the roof and make it really elaborate and a really neat feature. As far as re-sale goes, a lot of people really like these types of homes just for the unique flair, the natural materials. On the re-sale, it is always going to come back to the location of your property. If your location is great in an established neighborhood, the re-sale should be pretty good.