Design a Stylish Yet Functional Kitchen Island in 4 Steps

kitchen islands

Modern kitchen islands are exceptionally versatile and useful additions to your home! They are also incredibly popular and top the kitchen renovation list for most homeowners. Yet, designing the perfect kitchen island takes both careful planning and proper execution. While this addition can transform your kitchen into an absolute dream, a poorly constructed kitchen island can create a whole new set of problems. Whether you are remodeling your kitchen or looking to add a brand new kitchen island, these design tips should steer you in the direction towards form and function!

Divine Proportions?

While you figure out which appliances and features are right for your kitchen island, it is also important that you work within the existing space constraints. Many tend to believe that lavishly large kitchens are blessed because of the available space they offer.

While that is often true, huge kitchens also create some unique design challenges. Your island must always be proportional to the size of your kitchen. If it is too big, then you will inevitably feel closed in, and a diminutive island is both ungainly and a waste of precious space.

The Right Aisle Space

Demarcate the space in your kitchen that you wish to utilize for the island and check out how close it is to your counters. Most homeowners tend to forget about leaving enough aisle space, as they are too focused on the kitchen island itself. If you have a small kitchen, then experts suggest that a minimum of 36 inches is an absolute must, while 42 inches between the counters would be ideal. Having too much space between the counter and the island is not ideal either, as you would be wasting too much time and effort scurrying between the two!

Innovative Shapes & Designs

Remember all those times when you were told to think outside of the box in order to find a solution to your design conundrum? This is another one of these moments. The image of a square kitchen island is so popular that many of us automatically gravitate toward this textbook idea. However, there are plenty of other designs and styles available, such as an L-shaped or T-shaped addition, a lovely circular installation, or a cool elliptical island inspired by the surfboard; the possibilities are simply endless! Let your kitchen dictate the shape and size of the island and do not fall prey to the stereotypical conventions.

Storage and Cabinets

Storage units and smart cabinets are an essential part of the modern kitchen island. They allow you to tuck away the mess, organize your kitchen in a better fashion, and make sure that everything you need is handy. If you desire a well-organized space, there are quite a few alluring options, and once again, the choice of shelving units and cabinets should be determined by the specific needs of your kitchen. Small kitchens with limited shelving will benefit from extra-deep drawers and large fold-away inserts that will provide you with ample storage.