DIY Planters You Can Make This Weekend

DIY Planters you can make this weekend

Classic planters will never go out of style, but there are so many ways to get creative and give your plant and flower pots a unique twist. DIY doesn’t have to be difficult, even for those of us who are less than crafty. Transforming the way you showcase your flowers and plants is much easier than you may think, and it’s a great way to bring some personality to your living space.

Here are 7 fun DIY planters you can make this weekend!


If your decor has a beachy feel, these adorable mini shell pots are a perfect addition to your home. Use hermit crab or snail shells so there’s enough space inside to add and secure the soil. Small-growing succulents will give an interesting look to these little shells and your home.


When you’re finished with your canned goods, you can reuse the cans to create fun planters. Drill a few holes in the bottoms of the cans for drainage and then spray paint them any color you choose. If you’re more artistic, you can create fun and funky patterns. These little tin can planters add a great touch to window sills or table tops.


If you’re style of decor can be described as shabby chic, you will adore this rustic wooden planter box. If you have some old wood lying around that looks weathered, you’re in luck. If not, you can buy new wood and distress it using sandpaper. Measure and cut the wood to your desired size, then add pilot holes and screws.


Fabric covered pots help you achieve a detailed look without the hard work. Pick out your favorite fabrics from the craft store and grab some Mod Podge glue. Once you apply the glue to your terra cotta pot, smooth the fabric over and leave it to dry overnight. The next day, you’ll come back to a beautiful decorative garden pot.


Mason jars can be used in a variety of ways throughout the home, and planters are no exception. You can spray paint the jars in just about any color for a fun look, or leave them as is for a simpler feel. Just make sure to use small to medium sized plants to ensure they have plenty of room to grow.


Chalkboard painted decor has become very popular over the last few years. If you have plain ceramic planters lying around, you can give them a little edge by adding chalkboard paint to the entire pot, or just a small section using a template. Make sure you have some chalk handy to write the plant or herb names.


The paint drip technique is fun and super easy. Simply drip paint over the top or bottom of your planter, and voila, you have a piece of art. You can also use this technique on metal cans. Just drip paint over the edges of the cans to create unique flower and plant pots that add some stylish flair to your garden.