Get Your Lawn Ready for Spring

Getting Your Lawn Ready For Spring

Springtime is right around the corner, but not to worry, if your lawn isn’t ready there’s still time. Once you’re finished, you’ll have the best curb appeal on the block!

But before you put those gardening gloves on, however, it’s important to tune-up your lawn tools and equipment. This includes items such as your lawn mower, leaf blower, pruner, rakes, and anything else you may need for spring cleanup. Now it’s time to get started.

Remove debris.

Give your lawn a fresh start in the spring by raking away all leaves, sticks, and anything else that collected over the fall and winter months. Raking your lawn will even encourage healthy airflow by loosening the soil’s surface.

Heal your grass.

Grass seed is extremely helpful for areas of your lawn that have weak grass growth or dead grass. Open the surface with a strong rake then mix the grass seed with new soil to be spread over the surface. You can even speed up the grass growth by watering.

Add mulch.

Even in my personal gardening projects, mulch is always my finishing touch. Mulch adds a huge benefit to your lawn by providing a protective covering on soil that locks in the moisture. You’ll keep your plants warm by simply spreading it around the bases of trees, shrubs and in your fresh spring flowerbeds.

Water wisely.

It’s more beneficial to water your lawn only when it needs it, and with a lot of water. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, watering sparingly and deeply trains your grass roots to dig deeper into the soil. On the other hand, watering lightly and constantly will keep the roots closer to the surface.

Let’s get mowing.

Mow your lawn high with a sharp blade, and keep it frequent. Remember that keeping your grass long while mowing often will keep it thick and healthy