How To Glam Up Your Master Bedroom With Rose gold

Rosegold masterbedroom

Search the web from design blogs to interior decorating sites, and you’ll soon discover that metallics are back in a big way. While metals like gold, silver, brass, and copper have each had their moments in the sun over the decades, today’s most haute designers are all about rose gold. No longer relegated to jewelry, it’s popping up in weddings, fashion, and (finally!) in the most stylish homes.

Rose gold brings an understated elegance that is unmatched by any other metallic trending today. Where gold can easily come off as too gaudy and silver as too cold, rose gold is able to balance the sought-after shimmer and shine of precious metal with an undeniably delicate touch. Ideal for the master bedroom, rose gold offers a glint of romance in a sophisticated, un-frilly way. Read on to discover how you can add a bit of glam to your bedroom with today’s most sought-after trend.


Soft and sweet – Modern monotone rooms are easily updated and softened by the shine of this sweet metallic. Starting with a base of white, beige, ivory, or light gray, add small rose gold details in unexpected places. A very hot look right now is using pops of rose gold against soft pinks, pale blues, and muted grays. Airy, neutral hues play off the inherent sweetness of this pale, precious metal.

Strong and striking – If you’re more interested in a bold, eye-catching statement, start with a deep, dark color like navy blue, burgundy, or plum. Rose gold really shines when used as the lighter gradient in a rich color palette, but it can easily become a bit garish if used excessively. Stick to one darker color and use another soft hue, like a cooler shade of your main color, to ease the transition; this will help retain the understated elegance of rose gold against a more dramatic background.


Past trends in decorating with metals have seen over-bright, highly polished metallics stealing the show. But too much of even the most attractive thing can overwhelm the senses. The goal today is to incorporate hints of shimmer with a few larger focal pieces in varying materials. This will maintain the subtlety of your accents and the overall consistency of your design.
A few small items – a clock, a framed mirror, or even a hammered rose gold trash basket – can easily tie an entire look together. Flashes of warm pink in drawer pulls, curtain rods, lamp bases, or other fixtures can add subtle charm without overdoing it.

Too much shimmer and shine may not be your thing—that’s okay! Pay homage to this gorgeous pale pink metal with rose gold inspired fabrics. A dusty rose accent chair or tufted ottoman can bring just as much glamour to your room as a gleaming headboard.

Playing with texture is an easy way to give your design more depth. Satin or sequined pillows bring shine and excitement to a plain cotton bedspread, while chunky knits and linens soothe the senses.


Of course, while small details are essential, nothing brings a room together like a larger accent piece. Go all in on a dramatic chandelier, an antique headboard, or a vintage bar cart to make a shimmering statement!

Since rose gold has such a sweet feel to it, it mixes well with other metals to create an interesting, unusual aesthetic. You can also take advantage of all the glimmer of your accents by using mirrored furniture. Reflective surfaces are a rare blend of modern and vintage looks that work well in any room, and have the added benefit of making your space appear more bright and open.


If you are happy with your existing furniture, focus on creating interest in the details. A duvet cover, some new shams, and a few simple accents can go a long way to transform your space. Budget-conscious decorators will be thrilled to know that rose gold is available in a metallic spray paint. Your entire master bedroom can easily be updated in one weekend just by spray painting items you already have. Light fixtures, mirror frames, chair legs, and potted plants are all excellent candidates for a rose gold makeover! Check your local craft stores for fabrics in rose gold or with rose gold details. Throw pillows or simple curtains are great DIY projects for even novice sewers.

Rose gold is truly the ideal choice for a modern master bedroom. It has all the sophisticated personality of other metallics with none of the baggage: it’s romantic and soft without being frilly, and shiny and eye-catching without being gauche. Now is the time to glam up your master bedroom with gorgeous rose gold!