New In The Neighborhood? How To Break The Ice With Unacquainted Neighbors.

new neighborhood

Moving into a new neighborhood can be overwhelming, especially if you’re in a new city, state, or even a new part of the same town. Starting over can seem like a challenging task, but if you’re looking to jump right in and make new friends in your neighborhood, follow these 4 tips to break the ice!


If you’re not afraid or shy of strangers, simply host an event such as a cocktail party or BBQ at your house. Having people over allows you to meet new neighbors in a comfortable environment, and they can learn more about you and your family. Most people always feel more comfortable inside of their own home, so letting neighbors come to your abode lets you feel at ease. Not only is this an easy idea, it’s also a smart one. Neighbors can easily walk or drive down the street to your home, so there is a good chance that most of your neighbors will come over or at least stop by to introduce themselves to you.


New neighbors are usually just as curious about meeting you as you are curious to meet them. If you’re going to get the mail or even taking the dog out for a walk, don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with a new face. Simply saying hi or introducing yourself as the “new person” will interest neighbors in speaking with you. Find common ground to keep the conversation going; subjects such as kids, jobs, and the city are great initial topics. Being outgoing and friendly to neighbors will make them interested in getting to know you. Often times, once a neighbor welcomes you to the neighborhood, they will then tell the other neighbors about you. This may cause even more people to stop by!


Most neighborhoods have HOA boards or homeowner meetings and boards you can join. What’s better than meeting new neighbors that have power? Weekly or monthly meetings are easy to get take part in, and most boards love new attendees. Getting involved helps you break the ice because you are presenting yourself as a community member, and will be meeting new people left and right. Before you know it, half of the neighborhood will be friends with you. If you can’t join a HOA group, many areas these days also have online forums for specific neighborhoods. This is another great option as it’s easy to use your computer when you don’t have time for face-to- face meetings.


Simply doing activities alone or with your family is a great way to meet neighbors. Take your significant other, kids, or even pet for a walk at the neighborhood park or the community swimming pool. Getting outdoors in your area is the perfect way to meet new faces of the neighborhood. It takes such little time and almost zero effort. Now get out there, socialize, and have fun! You’ll be glad you did.

Chances are your new custom home from Syler Custom Homes will bring you to a new neighborhood, but now you know how to break the ice! To start customizing your new custom home contact Syler Custom Homes today.