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Key Pricing Factors For Building a Custom Kansas City Home

As trusted custom home builders in Kansas City, we know that most families have a budget to stick to when building a home; it may be a large budget, or one much smaller. Even the smallest changes can affect the price per square foot when building a home, so it’s important to understand how this can happen. Sure, someone can tell you it will cost $120 per square foot to build your dream home, but this is a number that can fluctuate greatly – even when a seemingly minor change is made. Continue reading

Spring Home Buying Tips


Spring has finally come to town in the Kansas City area, a time of year when many residents shop for a new home. Who wants to traipse through ice and snow, when the landscapes and overall atmosphere is so much more pleasant in springtime? One important factor to keep in mind is that right now, it’s a sellers market. This simply means that in many cities, the inventory of available homes is smaller than the number of families actively looking to buy. At Syler Custom Homes, we have a few spring home buying tips we believe will be helpful in your home search. Continue reading

The Advantages of Buying a New Home


Everyone at one time or another pictures themselves living in a shiny, brand spanking new home. While it isn’t a reality for every family, many choose to buy a new home over an existing or “resale” home. If you currently live in the Kansas City area and are considering purchasing another home, or are moving to the area, there are certain advantages in buying a hew home rather than one another family (or even several) has lived in. Continue reading

Trends in New Home Construction


Every few years there are new trends in new home construction, some that last, others that are fleeting. At one time, nearly everyone having a new home built in the Kansas City area desired a formal living room or a media room; today, not so much. Living spaces have become a bit more casual and open, kitchens and dining rooms flowing seamlessly into gracious and comfortable family rooms. What are some of the most important trends in new home construction for 2015 and beyond? We’ve shared a few below. Continue reading

How New Homes are More Energy Efficient Today


A few years ago, the size of homes were actually shrinking when the market crashed. Today, homes are getting bigger again, with McMansions popping up all over the place. If you’re considering a new home in the Kansas City area, you may think that the bigger the home, the more energy used – and the worse the impact on the environment. While this is true to a point, today’s homes are more energy efficient than ever before, including bigger, upscale homes. Continue reading