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Open Floor Plan Custom Homes in Kansas City by Syler Custom Homes

Open Floor Plans in Kansas City Custom Homes – What You Need to Know

“Open floor plan,” “good flow,” – whatever you call it, those building a new home often want a home with wide open spaces, one that flows seamlessly from one room to another, such as from the family room to kitchen/dining area. If you’re getting ready to have a custom home built in the Kansas City area, you may be considering an “open concept” floor plan. If so, we hope you find the information we’ve provided below enlightening.

What is an open floor plan, really?

Essentially, there are fewer walls between rooms, making spaces seem larger and less confined. Most builders would call this type of floor plan an informal plan. Formal or traditional floor plans typically have more walls, dividing spaces up for rooms that have a single purpose, such as a dining room.

Open floor plans have fewer walls so they’re less expensive to build, right?

Not necessarily. While you would think that fewer walls means fewer materials used, consider how larger open spaces must be supported. Essentially, because there are fewer interior walls to support the structure, exterior walls have to be “beefed up.” In addition, contractors (plumbers, HVAC technicians, etc.) have fewer options for placing ductwork and pipes, so it can actually be more costly to build an “informal” home.

Homes with open floor plans are easier to decorate. Why?

Because the rooms flow together without division, many homeowners choose to use the same flooring throughout the family/kitchen/dining areas. You may also use the same paint colors or crown molding throughout the space. Fewer decorating decisions to make, and fewer materials to consider! Another benefit of an open floor plan is that you’re not as restricted when it comes to arranging furniture, because there are fewer walls and more open space.

Keep in mind that an informal, open plan will also be noisier, because of the lack of walls to separate the family room from the kitchen/dining area. However, the choices you make in furnishings can help reduce the noise; furniture with soft fabrics, drapes, area rugs scattered about, even the flooring you choose – all of this can help keep things a little quieter.

Most families today enjoy a casual, relaxed lifestyle making an open floor plan a good option. Formal homes can be comfortable, too, depending on your lifestyle and design preferences. For instance, if you entertain a lot and prefer a formal dining room/kitchen completely separated from the living room or other family areas, you may prefer a formal home rather than an open floor plan.

At Syler Custom Homes, we cater to your needs and your unique lifestyle and preferences. Our Kansas City custom home builders are highly capable and skilled, delivering results beyond your expectations. Whether you’re considering an informal or formal, more traditional home, we can make your dreams come true!