Renovating Your Kansas City Home

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Renovating Your Kansas City Home? Consider Working with a Design Build Firm

Because we are professionals in both remodeling/renovation projects and building new custom homes from the ground up, homeowners often ask us about the difference. At Syler Custom Homes, the approach is basically the same. Essentially, a renovation project is viewed with the same blank slate as if we were building a new home, the difference being a kitchen, bath, or other remodel is simply on a smaller scale.

When renovating a home for a Kansas City area homeowner, we ask the same questions we would ask if someone were building a new custom home. What is the homeowner’s preferred design, what is the family’s lifestyle, and what is the budget? A remodeling project shouldn’t be taken on as one that’s separate from the rest of the home, but one that integrates seamlessly and flows with the rest of the home, as if it were originally designed that way. Basically, you have a remodeled room or home addition that looks as though it belongs – and you don’t have to worry that people who come to your home will think, “that room was added on.”

What’s the difference between the design-bid-build method in remodeling and design build?

In a design-bid-build renovation, the contractors are responsible for only the construction portion, whereas the design build approach is one that is collaborative and integrated, with the design and construction phases both managed under the same roof. Ultimately, you don’t have two or three separate companies involved and find yourself in the situation where one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing. The old saying “too many cooks in the kitchen” applies here; what you don’t want is confusion.

Some of the benefits of using a design build contractor when having a room remodeled or even a new room added include:

Unnecessary obstacles can be avoided, as a design build contractor maximizes resources by managing budgets and schedules in a way that is efficient and carefully thought out.

When the construction and design are integrated, you can rely on clear communication through every phase of the renovation process; no confusion or mistakes!

Think of design build as a “one-stop shop;” because there aren’t several different parties working on your remodel, you become more involved in the project and become well acquainted with the builder. Easier for you to give your opinions and input.

You’ll have a better feel for the total cost of the remodel. Design build professionals are capable of calculating the cost of every element throughout the design and building phases, so it doesn’t cost a fortune when adjustments are made. You have a better grasp on what the project will cost from the beginning.

Whether you’re considering an update for the kitchen or bathroom, or your family is growing and you need to add a bedroom or expand the living room, our Kansas City design professionals deliver results that go beyond your expectations. For all of your home renovation needs, count on Syler Custom Homes.