Be Smart about Marketing a Smart Home

Smart Home Custom Built

Are you selling a smart home? When marketing this type of residence, it’s important that you focus less on every tiny detail and focus more on the home’s features that will attract a larger audience. How do you know which features are most appealing to homebuyers? Believe it or not, the most popular features are not the newest and most technologically advanced. Rather, they are basic necessities like security, heating, cooling, and lighting.

1. Smart Security

This is absolutely one of the most popular smart home features among consumers. For homeowners who travel a lot or want to monitor their home while they’re away, this is a great feature that is in high demand. It makes residents feel safe and secure. Also, if you forgot to lock the doors or set the alarm before leaving the house, this smart technology can take care of that, too.

2. Smart Lighting and Temperature Control

With this smart feature, homeowners can now pull the plug on high-energy bills. Whether you forgot to adjust the temperature before going out of town, or if you left the lights on before leaving for work, smart homes allow its residents remote access to all these controls. The Nest Thermostat, for example, programs itself based on the homeowner’s specific preferences and can easily be controlled from a smart phone or tablet.

3. Smart Home Emergency Alerts

This popular feature in smart homes will send warnings of emergencies like fire, burglary and carbon monoxide poisoning, which gives you more time to react and keep your loved ones safe. All in real-time, you will be notified the instant an alarm goes off, whether it be the security alarm or smoke detector. You can even view live feed from your smart phone, showing exactly where in your home that the alarm was set off.

By marketing smart homes smartly, you will have an easier time selling your home to the right buyer. Always remember to market what is most important to homeowners, not every bell and whistle that comes with the property. Be a smart seller!