Sleek Space Saving Solutions For Your Kansas City Home

Space Saving Solutions Kansas City

No matter the size or square footage of your house, it’s likely that you’ll one day feel like you’ve run out of space. Worse, when you begin seeking storage solutions, you may find that many options are all utility and no style. Here are some tips for addressing your space and storage issues without sacrificing design.


You may be surprised to discover how much space is actually wasted in the walls of your home. Get creative about ways you can use these areas to your benefit. Have a crawl space beneath your stairs? Replace stair risers with drawers where you can store shoes or sporting equipment. Or, use the empty space for a built-in area. If one wall of your stairs is in a main living area, replace the wall with a recessed reading nook or desk.

Use your room’s corners! Corner shelves are ideal for smaller spaces. For a neat, stylish look, stack two or three floating corner shelves above one another. You can also purchase (or build) corner desks, which will free up valuable wall space in a smaller room.


Try a high shelf to draw the eye upward while creating an appealing storage and display area. Hang one long shelf around the upper perimeter of a room, or just along one wall. Rather than using nightstands or end-tables, install small, low shelves next to beds and couches. This not only frees up the space around larger pieces of furniture, it also eliminates the clutter that tends to accumulate on side tables. Wall mounted, fold-away Murphy desks are ideal for home offices. When not in use, simply fold the desk back onto the wall.

Table-top and floor lamps provide much needed light in smaller spaces, but can easily be replaced with stylish hanging lamps. Like high shelves, hanging lamps also have the added benefit of creating a sense of height.


Tables with drawers, storage ottomans, and sleeper sofas are must-haves in homes with limited space.

In children’s rooms, use beds that have drawers beneath the mattress and/or shelves in the headboard. One large multi-purpose piece of furniture in the room will give you more space for other kids’ items (and will keep those items out of your living areas).


Wardrobes are sleek alternatives in homes or apartments without adequate closet space. Exposed closets can be extremely stylish and effective storage solution. These are particularly popular in nurseries, where the parents’ favorite outfits can be displayed as part of the room’s décor.

You can easily double your closet’s capacity by adding a second hanging bar or rack beneath the existing one. In a guest bedroom closet, or anywhere you don’t hang clothes, install wall-to-wall shelving for an instant increase in storage space.

These tips and tricks can help you make the most of the space in your Kansas City home. Syler Custom Homes is here to help you build the home of your dreams, contact us today!