Spring Home Buying Tips

kasnas city home for sale

Spring has finally come to town in the Kansas City area, a time of year when many residents shop for a new home. Who wants to traipse through ice and snow, when the landscapes and overall atmosphere is so much more pleasant in springtime? One important factor to keep in mind is that right now, it’s a sellers market. This simply means that in many cities, the inventory of available homes is smaller than the number of families actively looking to buy. At Syler Custom Homes, we have a few spring home buying tips we believe will be helpful in your home search.

First of all, avoid buying a home you don’t love. Your home is where your life is, where your family relaxes at the end of the day, shares meals, and share dreams, goals, ambitions. You may have to compromise a bit on features with a home that is already built, however, you should never settle for a home you truly don’t like. Before you make a purchase you may regret, be sure you love the home, that you feel an emotional attachment to it.

Only buy a home you can afford. Keep in mind there are secondary costs including taxes, homeowners insurance, maintenance, repairs, furniture, perhaps even HOA fees. Your monthly mortgage payment will be only a portion of the cost to own a home, and lenders frequently approve buyers for a higher payment than they can realistically make without enduring financial hardship.

Be prepared to act quickly. When you find a home you love that’s in great condition and priced competitively, it won’t last long. If you really like the home, be ready to act immediately. Know what you want, and don’t be surprised if you become involved in a bidding war.

Before you begin shopping for a new home, get pre-qualified, or better yet, pre-approved. Your offer will be much more attractive to a seller when you have been preapproved – and you will also know how much home you can afford.

Consider a newly constructed home. Many potential homeowners assume automatically that a brand new home is not in their price range. When you cannot find an existing home that suits your needs, building a home to your own specifications is a great solution. Additionally, many custom home builders have opened up communities that are more affordable in recent years due to the improved economy, and increased number of buyers. Don’t rule out a new construction home, as chances are there are plenty for sale that are within your budget.

Buying a home should be one of the most exciting experiences of your life, however it can also be stressful. Purchasing a home in the Kansas City Metro area is a journey, one that should be enjoyed along the way – after all, it will likely be the biggest investment in your lifetime. If you’re considering a newly constructed home or even a custom built home, count on Syler Custom Homes for quality and affordability beyond your expectations.