Trends in New Home Construction

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Every few years there are new trends in new home construction, some that last, others that are fleeting. At one time, nearly everyone having a new home built in the Kansas City area desired a formal living room or a media room; today, not so much. Living spaces have become a bit more casual and open, kitchens and dining rooms flowing seamlessly into gracious and comfortable family rooms. What are some of the most important trends in new home construction for 2015 and beyond? We’ve shared a few below.

Of course, anyone building a custom home should not be beholden to trends; after all, what is the point of building a custom home? Making it your own, with the features and amenities that bring functionality together with comfort and relaxation. Still, it’s interesting to learn what the latest trends are!

There is no doubt that wood floors are gorgeous – but today, instead of cark hand-scraped floors are a thing of the past. Instead, opt for woods engineered with a natural, lighter finish. Washed, gray, and white wood floors are all the rage, as well as porcelain tiles. In the bedroom, you may be surprised that stone floors have become extremely popular.

Wide open spaces and clean lines are top priority in new home construction. Even if the exterior of your newly constructed home is intricate or elaborate, interiors are more simple and streamlined. Gone are long hallways and small rooms that ultimately waste space. Instead, floor plans focus on spaces that are useable; for instance, a kitchen that’s open to the dining area and den are popular. In addition, homeowners are opting to bring the outdoors in using life-and-slide doors, and lots of windows or other glass that allow the great outdoors to come inside.

Formality that takes a different approach. Today, many homeowners still want a formal living or dining room, however their functions have changed. A formal living room could be a bar area, or even a library; the focus is functional. Depending on your family’s preferences, a living room may be just the space to read a great book and get away from televisions, stereos, or other technology that can interrupt life. Although it’s hard for many homeowners to admit, formal living rooms in the past were a place where uncomfortable furniture was stored and meant to be admired, rather than a place to relax and entertain guests in comfort.

Yes, kitchen and baths are still the important. Kitchens are the most important rooms of the home for many homeowners, who consider it the “heart” of the home. While stainless steel was all the rage a few years ago for appliances, today’s kitchen includes granite counter tops, engineered stone, and glassed appliances in chocolate, white, or black. Instead of dark, cabinets are crafted of naturally colored woods such as walnut – and white cabinets are hot, too.

Bringing the backyard in through seamless integrations between the home and patio/deck is another trend many homeowners desire, as nothing is more relaxing or inviting than the great outdoors. Perfect for entertaining as well, whether you intend to have a pool party, relax with your spouse after a long day, or host a neighborhood barbecue.

At Syler Custom Home, we stay on top of the latest trends in new home construction. For a home that exceeds your dreams, contact us today!