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What is a ‘True’ Custom Home Builder in Kansas City?  Beware of Spec Builders Who Market Themselves as Custom Builders

Purchasing a “production” or “spec” home is perfectly fine; however, it’s important those who desire to build a custom home in the Kansas City area are clear about the differences between custom home builders, and those who specialize in spec homes but often market them as custom homes. The difference often lies primarily in the degree to which a home is or can be customized, and in some cases the quality of materials used.

What is a true custom home?

A custom home can be small, moderate in size, or a huge luxury estate. The size isn’t what makes the difference, it is the fact the home is unique from any other home, and designed for a specific client. Many custom home builders work on a design/build platform, which essentially means the possibilities in designing and building a one-of-a-kind home are endless. From the layout or floor plan to size of rooms, total square feet, materials used in building, to kitchen cabinets and what materials are used in counter tops, every aspect is controlled by the homeowner. A custom home builder builds homes that truly are custom. The word “custom” in this sense is an adjective that means done or “made to order” for a specific customer or client.

Why spec homes are not true custom homes

Many spec home builders will market their services as though they are custom home builders. While these types of homes can be customized to an extent, the scope of customization is very limited. When a builder builds a home on a lot or land he purchased, he then “speculates” the home will eventually sell, and the builder will make a profit – hence the term “spec” home. If a builder is in the midst of building the home when it catches a potential buyer’s eye, the home may be somewhat customized as the building process is completed. Ultimately, the buyer doesn’t determine the floor plan as the home was in the course of being built when it was purchased. A big factor in determining how much a spec home can be customized depends on what phase of the building process the home is in. Naturally, if the home is near completion very little can be customized other than perhaps paint color choices, flooring, lighting fixtures, or other smaller aspects of finishing.

True Custom Home Builders in Kansas CitySpec homes may include custom features or styles, but there’s a big difference between a home that is “somewhat” customized and a true custom home. When choosing a builder, make certain you understand whether you’re getting a skilled, experienced true custom home builder, or one who essentially builds homes on tracts of land to sell, claiming they’re custom homes because they have a few features that may be unique.

At Syler Custom Homes, we are flexible when it comes to those in search of a beautiful, quality home. Whether you’re interested in design-build construction, spec homes, or a true custom home in Kansas City that will be distinctly your own, trust our team to deliver your dream home!