Wall Lighting to Bring a Room from Drab to Dramatic

Wall lighting ideas

Proper lighting can dramatically transform the way your home looks and feels in all the right places. The key is to use the right lighting and fixtures so that your guests feel relaxed and comfortable, but have no idea why. It’s actually a good sign if the lighting goes unnoticed as guests walk through your home.

Here are some lighting tips to transform each room in your home from drab to dramatic!

Living Room: The living room is typically a gathering space for family and friends. Instead of using recessed fixtures, use ambient lighting that bounces off the ceiling. This will make the room feel warm and inviting. For extra illumination when you’re reading, you can mount lighting fixtures or hanging lamps on the wall above the couch. Since the living room is used for many functions, dimmers are a great way to achieve the perfect lighting.

Dining Room: The focal point of the dining room is typically the dining table, so you’ll want lighting that showcases this feature. A chandelier or hanging fixture above the dining table can make the entire room look much more visually appealing, and can even enhance the ambiance and overall mood. Some fixtures are both functional and artistic, while other lighting pieces have a more subtle vibe. It’s all about your personal style.

Kitchen: Whether you’re a chef in the kitchen or not, this room needs lighting that’s bright and well diffused. Under cabinet lighting brightens up the countertops, which is a huge help when preparing food or cleaning up after cooking. You may want to consider adding recessed lighting above the sink or any other frequently used areas. A simple fixture mounted on the ceiling is a traditional kitchen staple that can freshen up the room.

Bedroom: While in your bedroom after a long day, you should feel comfortable, relaxed and restful. Installing bedside lighting fixtures is an alternative to table lamps, and frees up more space on your nightstands. If you like more of a modern look, you can add pendant fixtures that hang from the ceiling. A luxurious chandelier or unique fixture mounted on the ceiling brings balance to the room. It adds some personality, too!

Bathroom: Lighting should be focused on the mirrors because, let’s face it, we spend a lot of time examining ourselves. Whether applying makeup or partaking in daily grooming habits, there’s a lot of detail to which to pay attention. Proper lighting is a must. Consider placing light fixtures on each side of the mirror, rather than mounted on the ceiling. This will eliminate shadows and further illuminate the area that matters most.

Outdoors: When it comes to outdoor lighting, make sure it’s able to withstand various weather conditions. We suggest paying the closest attention to specific outdoor areas, including paths, entryways, driveways, steps, and patios. You may also want to avoid using excessively bright lights. Low-wattage bulbs are all you need to light up your outdoor space.